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THE END! … or is it?!

Thus concludes ARCH380! But there is still much to learn from all these different modeling programs, so I may be back from time to time to share what I have been playing with! You see a lot of amazing work done by people using the same software, it is my goal to one day be among those pros.

I’ve had fun in this class, and learned more than I had expected I would, I just wish I had taken this class earlier so I’d still have the chance to continue through the next computer courses available.

Architecture is my minor, to see some of my projects in Industrial Design check out our show!


W5: Grasshopper Parametric Truss (progress update)

Grasshopper is a generative modeling plug-in for Rhino. There are many great guides online to help familiarize yourself with its interface and functions.

Here are my screenshots of progress as I followed our Parametric Truss tutorial:

first error occurred while trying to reparameterize the bottom curve,

I created 4 pipe components because I couldn’t remember how to attach multiple threads to the same input

what I have so far: