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W2: LayOut (Integrating 3D modeling, 2D drawing & diagramming)

SketchUp’s LayOut strikes me as an Architecture based InDesign program.

You can quickly import the models you’ve made in SketchUp and make dynamic changes, directly in LayOut, such as: the view (perspective, section, plan, zoom, pan) and rendering style (raster, vector, hybrid), to create a series of custom images for documentation. You can also apply drafting annotations, and many other useful features! LayOut is a huge time saver and overall a very good program for creating Architectural reports/documents.

Here are 3 screenshots of the LayOut document I made showing the results of Workshop1 :


W1: Dynamic Components (FINAL RESULTS)

And now to test my dynamic louvers in a series of ‘Scenes’ created for a range of dates and times! Here are 2 sample screenshots of Los Angeles:

a morning in December (above) and an afternoon in March (below)

W1: Dynamic Components (progress update2)

Added louver slats and options to rotate!

Making the sub-component repeat was tricky, followed this guide.

Step 16. Type =5+COPY*(Fence!spacing+LenX)

The number 5 seemed a bit arbitrary, so I replaced it with a formula(frame thickness+spacing) that made more sense for my louver frame

An attempt at integrating my louvers into the base model. Definitely need to make a few changes.

W1: Dynamic Components (progress update1)

First time playing around in SketchUp, a slow start, but I finished my dynamic component louver frame with options.